Arizona eases cost of joining an HIE

Chris Nerney
Chris Nerney, Contributing Writer |
Arizona eases cost of joining an HIE

Participation fees can be an economic disincentive for smaller healthcare providers considering joining a health information exchange.
To help encourage more community providers to join its state HIE, Arizona is introducing a new payment structure that eliminates participation fees for community members as of October 1, EHRIntelligence reports.
This will shift the remaining percentage of the HIE’s operating costs to hospitals and health plans, whose participation fees currently cover 95 percent of operating expenses for The Network, the HIE run by Arizona Health-e Connection (AzHeC).
But the chief executive of AzHeC tells EHRIntelligence that the extra financial burden should be short-term.
“Participation fees are based on the total number of participating entities and organizations,” CEO Melissa Kotyrs said. “Although hospitals and health plans are taking on a greater percent of operating costs, hospitals and health plans will see lowers fees in 2016 because the total number of participating hospitals and health plans has increased.”
Arizona eliminates state HIE fees for community members