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Calling mobile health innovators: AMA, Google have a challenge for you

Chris Nerney
Chris Nerney, Contributing Writer |
Calling mobile health innovators: AMA, Google have a challenge for you

The American Medical Association (AMA) and Google are challenging start-up healthcare and technology companies to come up with innovative mobile health solutions for managing chronic diseases.
The medical trade organization and search giant on Monday announced the AMA Health Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge sponsored by Google to inspire mobile health technologies—such as wearable devices and applications—that monitor and share medical data between physicians and patients with chronic diseases.
“The AMA is working to unleash a new era of patient care through its Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI) by pioneering a common data model for organizing and sharing meaningful health data like patient goal, state and functioning, and assembling an unprecedented collaborative effort across health care and technology stakeholders” AMA President David O. Barbe, M.D., said in a statement. “The Challenge we’re announcing today is an extension of the AMA’s work and will explore possible uses of mobile health technology to provide patients and physicians with a rich stream of medical data that is important for improving care and long-term wellness.”
A number of mobile heath initiatives are under way, and both medical and consumer manufacturers have released devices and platforms designed to monitor, store, and transmit wearer/patient data. But as with all emerging technologies, issues surrounding standards and interoperability make integration with legacy health IT infrastructure a formidable problem.  
The Challenge invites health and technology vendors to submit solutions that demonstrate how patient-generated data is captured by mobile health technology and transmitted to a medical practice, where it becomes accessible to providers and patients.
Specifically, the AMA/Google Challenge asks entrants to present ideas on how to:

  • Import (or transfer) patient-generated health data from a mobile device or a mobile application into one or more phases of clinical care. Examples of phases: Assessment of current condition, risk stratification, goal definition (both patient and physician), treatment plan, intervention(s), recording of observed outcomes, re-assessment.
  • Extract (or transfer) data from one or more phases of the clinical care and send it back into a mobile application or mobile device so patients can view, track and ultimately act upon the information relative to their goals or share it with other physicians.

The organizations submitting the top three selected ideas will share $50,000 in credits for Google Cloud. Submission deadline is June 7, 2018.
The Challenge is open only to individuals and teams who are Startup Entities (individuals or teams who are 18 years of age or older and have received less than $5 million in funding and have earned less than $500,000 in annual revenue as of the date of entry.
To learn more about the AMA Health Care Interoperability and Innovation Challenge sponsored by Google, go here.