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Interoperability initiatives partner to improve healthcare connectivity

Chris Nerney
Chris Nerney, Contributing Writer |
Interoperability initiatives partner to improve healthcare connectivity

CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality are joining forces to improve healthcare IT connectivity and interoperability nationwide, the two groups announced Tuesday.
Initial efforts will focus on extending the ability of providers to request and retrieve medical records electronically from other providers, though future joint projects could expand to other areas of healthcare IT.
Under the agreement:

  • CommonWell will become a Carequality implementer on behalf of its members and their clients, enabling CommonWell subscribers exchange health information through directed queries with any Carequality participant.
  • Carequality will work with CommonWell to make a Carequality-compliant version of the CommonWell record locator service available to any provider organization participating in Carequality.
  • CommonWell and The Sequoia Project, the non-profit parent under which Carequality operates, will explore future additional collaboration opportunities.

“This agreement expands the connectivity approach to give providers easier access to more health information,” the groups said in a joint statement. “Health data sharing among providers is important whenever a provider is making a diagnostic or treatment decision and needs access to key medical information. By leveraging health IT interoperability, providers can avoid adverse events such as allergic reactions or medication conflicts as well as duplicate procedures, potentially reducing time, costs, and unnecessary hospital admissions.”
CommonWell Health Alliance is a non-profit association of health IT companies working together to create universal access to health data nationwide. Members include major electronic health records vendors  as well as providers of technology for post-acute care, imaging, perinatal, laboratory, retail pharmacy, oncology, population health, emergency services and more.  
Carequality is a nationwide common interoperability framework enabling exchange between and among health data sharing networks. More than 15,000 hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations have been actively deployed under the Carequality framework or CommonWell network, the groups said.
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