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New Healthix system gets more alerts to providers while protecting patient privacy

Chris Nerney
Chris Nerney, Contributing Writer |
New Healthix system gets more alerts to providers while protecting patient privacy

The nation’s largest public health information exchange (HIE) has launched a program that will nearly double the number of alerts clinicians can receive about the care status of their patients.
Healthix, which connects health organizations running more than 6,100  sites across New York City and Long Island, has generated more than 7.3 million alerts for the 16 million-plus patients with electronic records accessible through its network.
But strict patient consent laws in New York State prevented Healthix from sending nearly 6.5 million alerts to providers and care managers in that same period, causing potentially hazardous delays in treatment.
Healthix devised a new notification system, called Essential Alerts, that informs clinicians about changes to their patients’ care status in a way that conforms to New York State’s strict patient consent policies.
For example, a physician could be notified that his or her patient has been admitted to the Emergency Department of nearly any hospital in the New York City region with a complaint of chest pain, even if the patient has not given explicit permission for that information to be shared. The information in the notification would be limited to the patient’s name, initial complaint, hospital, date, and time.
Essential Alerts is built on InterSystems HealthShare, a suite of connected health solutions uniting providers, patients, and payers with patient records and analytics across the care continuum. By integrating data from various health information systems and breaking it down to a granular level for care teams, HealthShare enables clinical workflows to be streamlined, making it easier for clinicians to deliver better care.  
“Healthix is committed to improving care through the flow of patient information across the care continuum, which is made possible with technologies like InterSystems HealthShare,” Tom Check, president and CEO of Healthix, said in a statement. “With Healthix Essential Alerts, we’re ensuring that our providers and care managers have access to and can act on clinical events in real time, ultimately enabling more efficient care coordination for millions of patients in New York City and Long Island.”
In addition to enabling data exchange among healthcare providers, Healthix connects health insurance plans, behavioral health facilities, New York City correctional facilities, independent labs and radiology centers, independent pharmacies, and community-based care organizations.