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Is this the year of hospital ransomware attacks?

Chris Nerney
Chris Nerney, Contributing Writer |
Is this the year of hospital ransomware attacks?

Several weeks ago the computer systems of a Los Angeles hospital were taken hostage electronically by hackers who demanded $3.6 million in Bitcoin before the facility could regain control of its data and network. (The hackers eventually were paid a far lesser sum of $16,664 in Bitcoin.)
Now a hospital in Kentucky reports being subjected to a ransomware demand. However, as Healthcare IT News writes, Methodist Hospital in Henderson, Kentucky, "has regained control of its computer systems and effectively fended off a ransomware attack without paying the cybercriminals."
The FBI is investigating the attack, which began on March 18 and lasted for five days, Healthcare IT News reports. The hospital relied on its backup system during the course of the attack.
Meanwhile, a new report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology warns that ransomware attacks on hospitals will be the new normal.
"2016 is the year ransomware will wreak havoc on America's critical infrastructure community," the study's authors write. "New attacks will become common while unattended vulnerabilities that were silently exploited in 2015 will enable invisible adversaries to capitalize upon positions that they have previously laid claim."
The report concludes that "collaboration and collective cybersecurity improvement is the best strategy for mitigating the ransomware threat and reducing the impact of successful attacks."
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