Nightmare in Transmission Repair Shop

Nightmare in Transmission Repair Shop

October 19, 2021 Off By Aaron Angel

I learned the hard way about just how transmission repair shops work and just how to prevent the challenges. I own a 2001 Lexus RX300 and the transmission had not been acting right. A close friend suggested taking the automobile to an oil modification area to get the transmission flushed as well as serviced. This was my first blunder. The vehicle was having concerns moving and in some cases it would nearly stop drawing. I ending up paying concerning $1825.00 for the service and also my transmission just became worse. When your cars and truck has actually been acting up such as this for some time, investing money on a flush is just tossing good money away.

When you feel your transmission is not moving effectively, do not put off getting it considered. The longer you drive it, the more damage you will produce and also the issue may simply be a small concern. Transmissions have clutches inside, when you feel it slipping the clutches are taking extreme wear as well as the damages will certainly become long-term if you do not resolve the problem.

I took my car to a store that restores transmissions to get a viewpoint on the concern and also see what my choices were. The sales associate took us for a test drive. Certainly he was having issues getting the car up to speed as well as the engine would rev above normal while he doing our test run. When back at the shop I was informed the transmission had burned up clutches and also needed a light over haul. The price quote was $1825.00 to fix the concern so I signed the work order and also left my automobile for fixing.

After 2 days I obtained a phone call from the shop. They had begun the job as we agreed. The transmission was eliminated from the auto and was taken down on the technology’s job bench. After a total assessment, the transmission had a lot more damage than the sales representative had told me. The situation was harmed and various other hard components have to be changed. At this point the bill increased an additional $750.00 over the initial price quote.

I informed the store that was excessive money as well as simply give me the cars and truck back and I would certainly take it somewhere else. He claimed fine, my bill to do that was $775.00. I asked why and also he stated that was the price to remove the transmission and tear it down. Also, since it was taken down it can not be repaired as well as be driven any longer so I would get my cars and truck back without transmission. As you can see I had no choice but to let them do the work as well as pay the brand-new quantity. I review the fine print on the work order and sure enough that stipulation remains in the contract.

The lesson right here is straightforward, obtain complete disclosure of what the costs can be ahead of time. The shop can not know all of the fixings you may require until the transmission is taken apart. After the experience I was speaking with a buddy concerning what had actually happened. He had the same trouble but rather than rebuilding an utilized transmission was purchased from ASAP Motors. The transmission he acquired was ready to install and also only required a filter modification and also fluid included. The price was 50% less than the cost of restoring and he obtained a 6 month guarantee which coincides guarantee I got from the shop on my rebuild. Look around as well as get recommendations from a number of different people before making a decision on such a large purchase. There is knowledge in a plethora of therapists.

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